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Winds of change, February, 2016

15 Feb Posted by in News | Comments
BentTree, Patti Schmidt photo

Patti Schmidt photo


I just want to pre-blog/post the following posts of the gigs I have been playing over the last year as an explanation to some of you following me on the interweb as to why I have been laying low over the last while.  The above photo portray my circumstances over the last year quite well.  Ever since I became a Dad, I have recognized that I have to live life like a tree. in an effort to balance the work/life continuum.  Sometimes the winds demand that I bend towards tending my creative/productive soul and other times, it demands that I bend towards tending to the well being of loved ones.  I have to be resilient enough to bend in both directions when times and circumstances demand. If I didn’t bend, I would break and be not much good to myself or anyone else, yes?

The last 15 months or so have been one of those times when I have been called on to be there for my family.  Thus, much of my time, energy and focus has gone towards seeing my kin through some pretty rough times that are ongoing as I write this note.  When it began, I was beating myself up pretty good in that I wasn’t spending as much time, energy and focus on my own music creation/production and came to a place where I accepted there was an element of sacrifice required if I was to pull through myownself.  The way I have described it is, that there is more important work that needed to be done. So, I went quiet for the last while, just taking on sideman gigs as they presented themselves and most of what you will see in the last 5 or so posts from the last year.  These gigs have been really good for me as “work” and as a release, as it always is, of the stress I was carrying.  So, thanks to all who have hired me for these gigs and I look forward to doing much more of my own music as “the winds of changes shift” (Zimmerman)


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