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with Willie MacAlder, Oct. 2017

15 Oct Posted by in Shows | Comments

I have posted about the many times I have played with Will MacAlder over the years.  We first played together in the Cave Club back in the mid 90s.  Since then, Norman Glowach and I have tried to bring Will back as often as we can to play with him.  His repertoire is mostly Jazz and Blues standards, the styles of music Norman and I cut our teeth on but so rarely have a chance to play anymore.  This year we played 3 gigs; the first,a Yellowknife Seniors fund raiser, the next night at the Cellar and after we finished recording, at the Old Town Woodyard Pub.



























In the summer of 2016, we recorded a couple of songs with Will and they sounded so good, we decided to carry it one step further.  With funding support from the NWT Arts council, we were able to work in Norman’s Spirit Walker studio for 10 days and laid down 12 tracks of covers and original songs.  I love the challenge to play the Bass part for a song written in a specific genre and to play the style of that music, always keeping in mind to support and compliment the singer.  It was a real treat to hear the playback once Will had laid in his vocal tracks that for me, really sell the authenticity and passion we have for this music.  It is still a work in progress, waiting for overdubs from some solo players and I sincerely hope that someday soon, I can write a post to let you know that this recording is out and on the airwaves!


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